Monday, March 9, 2015

Save Time, Increase Reflection with Go Position

In those last few moments before the bell rings, teachers want to sum up the day's learning, hint towards the next day's activities and have students reflect on their learning.  Maybe not all three in one day, and maybe you have other priorities in the last few minutes, but educators across grade levels, content areas and years of experience all want to squeeze this last chance for learning for all it's worth.

The "Go Position" is a method that has been in use in various forms for years and can save time and increase student reflection.  Here's how it works.  With three minutes left in the class period say, "Go position."  These two words are actually a set of procedures the students need to carry out in 60 seconds.  The time limit goal will not be met the first few times you use it, but after practicing and 5-7 times in use, the students will get the hang of it.  The set of procedures are critical for student success and continuity.

Step 1: Upon hearing "Go Position" students will finish their last thought on what they are currently working on and then add the day's assignment to their daily planner (hard copy or electronic).

Step 2: Students will secure handouts, assignments and other important documents by clicking them in the rings of their binder or placing them in the appropriate location in the student's folder.

Step 3: All pens, pencils, rulers and other supplies returned to their "home."

Step 4: Students "pack up" their belongs. This could be a backpack or merely stacking binders and books on their desk.

Step 5: Students will give full attention to the teacher.

The teacher should now have 2 minutes remaining in the period to review the day's learning, provide direction for the coming day's learning, or have students reflect on their own learning.  This can be done as a whole class, in A/B partners, in groups or as individuals.  The options are endless.  The important part here is that the Go Position has provided the time, without the distractions of students clicking binders, writing in planners, zipping pencil pouches or finishing their last problem.  By using the Go Position, teachers have an opportunity to have a greater impact in those last few moments of class.

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